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Ixazomib VR, Takeda

LEAP undertook the design and development of a Virtual Reality 3D interactive experience, called "A fantastic voyage into the treatment of multiple myeloma".
This unique design combines virtual reality with gamification. The “path” towards achieving the objective, which is to combat multiple myeloma, becomes more interesting and attractive, giving the user an unforgettable experience.

Buckle up, the journey begins!

The first presentation took place during Takeda's participation in the 26th National Hematology Congress held in November 2015 in Athens. The project received the gold award for “Digital healthcare professional application support” at the Healthcare Business Awards 2016 held in Athens in September 2016. More info


Ixazomib VR Ixazomib VR Ixazomib VR Ixazomib VR

  • Scientific 3d visualization
  • Spherical, 360° environment
  • 3d design & animation
  • Immersive and Interactive experience