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Ixazomib VR, Takeda

LEAP designed and developed an interactive experience which combines virtual reality and e-detailing which is focused on patient centricity.
This interactive experience allows the viewer to endure the life and problems of a patient suffering from ulcerative colitis and receives information regarding the revolutionary treatment.
The 3D visualization was presented with great success in the course of MSD’s attendance at the 11th ECCO Congress held in March 2016 in Amsterdam and also at the 15th IFNA Conference which took place in Ioannina, Greece in June 2016.


MSD Simponi VR MSD Simponi VR MSD Simponi VR

  • Combination of Virtual Reality & e-Detailing
  • Illustration
  • Spherical, 360 ° environment
  • 3D design & animation
  • Interactive and exciting experience