e-detailing, e detailing, closed loop marketing

e-Detailing is the most reliable, effective and modern solution in the pharmaceuticals marketing field regarding the promotion of prescription medicine. With the use of a specialized application we developed for the iPad (and other tablets as well), the representative controls a useful tool that allows him to improve his promotional efforts and enhance his presentations. In utilizing the principles of Closed Loop Marketing and combining them with our e-Detailing solution, the pharmaceutical company can increase the amount of prescribed medicine, increase awareness, create effective presentations, adjust costs, increase time efficiency and have access to detailed reports, analytics and metrics.

VR,Virtual Reality

LEAP is the first company in Greece that has developed virtual reality projects for Pharmaceutical companies. We believe that creating 360° videos & VR content is an important step in achieving successful results. Virtual reality services will be able to revolutionize any industry by creating powerful tools for pharma, tourism agencies, therapy, education and live events. This is not only a great way to launch a marketing campaign and get real interaction from your clients but will also yield spectacular and memorable results. A 360° video puts the viewer inside a film, allowing them to look all around themselves, being truly immersed in the content. We create exceptional virtual reality and 360° experiences and we believe in the power of immersive content and storytelling. Our aim is to push the boundaries of where an immersive experience can take you. We achieve this by being 100% dedicated to virtual reality in order to deliver the best possible quality content and surround the viewer in new, exciting experiences.

AR,Augment Reality

Augmented Reality is hidden behind key-image content that can be included in printed or other material. Depending on the content, the key-image may have to remain visible. Augmented Reality technology allows the connection between the physical and the digital environment. You can transform everyday objects into a multimedia player, a social media hub, a conversation or whatever you can imagine. Using a wide range of 3D or other interactive content will allow you to create highly engaging and immersive Augmented Reality experiences. You can create Augmented Reality experiences by using cards, flyers, packages or any other item. Bring print to life with rich media, including video messages, photo slideshows and music clips.

smartphone & tablet apps, iPad development, iPhone development, android development, app development, tablet app development, smartphone app development

Smartphones and tablets are dominating the technology market. Nowadays smartphones outsell both laptops and netbooks, and tablet computer sales - with the iPad in the lead - are increasing by millions every month. These mobile devices can be used for fun, work, entertainment, education, communication and many other purposes yet to be discovered. That's why we invest in these devices.

We are experienced in developing native apps for android, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Window 8 devices.

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web development, web design, portal, web apps, flash websites

LEAP can develop various types of projects on the web, ranging from corporate websites and portals to web apps and content organization systems. We are adept at using either Flash or HTML5 in our projects, or a combination of both whenever necessary. Usability, findability, design and information architecture are the base pillars of every project we undertake. Our services in detail are:

  • corporate websites
  • news portals & communities
  • web apps
  • micro sites
  • content management and organization systems
  • a combination of the above

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e-learning, e-learning applications, e-learning development

Electronic education and learning combined with the traditional methods of teaching (teacher – book), is an essential part of today's educational system. Students of all ages have a better understanding and assimilation of courses if they practise exercises and are educated through e-learning software and games.

We specialise in the development of custom e-learning applications that can be delivered via web or CD/DVD rom, e-learning games, psychometric evaluation tests and evaluation/exercise/test systems.

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game development, gamification

LEAP specializes in game development for children and teenagers. In the past years we have designed and developed over 300 games. We have collaborated with many publishing companies and magazines (ramkid, kidepedia, kidepedia Music, National Geographic Α-Ω The Great Student Encyclopaedia, Power Kids) on the development and delivery of custom-made games.

The games we develop can operate on all available platforms and operation systems (iOS, Android, Windows, Apple, Linux/Unix) and of course via web (facebook or on a website).

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interactive publications, iPad Magazines, iPad brochures, digital publications

LEAP is the first Greek company to create digital interactive publications for the iPad. In December 2010, we created the first Greek magazine that was specifically created for the iPad. We believe that Tablet PCs are the successors of printed media.

We have developed numerous digital/interactive publications for the Greek market that are based on a proprietary software platform, called DIM Publisher. Our main concern is to create responsive and intriguing interactive publications, not just digital copies of printed media. More specifically:

  • Vertically organized process. Concept, design, development and delivery.
  • Fully customizable platform. Our delivered app can work as a single interactive book or can hold multiple magazines that can be downloaded or purchased via internet (in app purchases).
  • Multiple platforms. Our digital publications can work on iPad and android tablets and of course PC and Mac computers. You are not limited to either only tablets or only computers.
  • Unique Interactivity. Our digital publications fully support multimedia content, unique interactive features, graphs and many other features that will intrigue readers.

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