Our proprietary solution in e-Detailing & CLM provides you with the opportunity to communicate your product in an impressive and unique way, through engaging content, interactive visual aids and unique tools. LEAPCLM can help you move into the new digital era harnessing the multichannel power of our platform.

LEAP is a leading expert in immersive Virtual Reality experiences. Using the headsets from major hardware providers (Oculus, Samsung and HTC) we have been delivering robust solutions since 2014. We provide the entire spectrum of VR related services starting from brainstorming, concept and storyboarding to 3D visualization, animation, interactions and special effects.

Augmented reality gives you a unique opportunity to combine physical and digital marketing. By combining printed material (leaflets, banners, stickers or packaging) with an app, you can enhance user experience and engagement to new levels. Impress your audience through a unique and impressive visualization.